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Tanathology course

“Searching for meaning in the dying process” General Objective: Recognizing death as a natural event within human life, as well as preparing the participants for this event from intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual points of view. Providing elements to bring forth a new understanding on life, through the acknowledgment of losses and a deep knowledge about death.

Spirituality workshop

Spirituality workshop, intensive format. This workshop is a wonderful tool of Loving Transformation.

Psychospiritual growth retreats in Purificación

Bringing together ceremonial experiences of Native American Peoples and the methodology of Gestalt psychology, these two-day three-night retreats have the purpose of providing a Transcendent experience for the personality (an encounter with the Spirit), to then work on the challenges of transforming everyday life.

Spirituality, Transpersonality and Transcendence workshop.

Spirituality, Transpersonality and Transcendence workshop, led by Alejandro Spangenberg and Alejandro Corchs in Purificación.