I've forgiven myself Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition

"I've forgiven myself" doesn't talk about me: Alejandro Corchs, but about us, since all human beings live inside an "I".

That "I" is our cage and our shelter.

No one ever was so unhappy as to never have laughed. No one ever was so cheerful as to never have been sad.

The same way we cannot speak about Love when our belly's hungry, we cannot speak about living when we haven't learned to survive. The cockroach runs away so that you won't kill it, and so does the little spider behind a painting. Being human is much more than survival, but first we must learn to survive.

My grandfather used to buy canaries at the market, and as a child I loved opening up their cages and setting them free. They all flew away immediately, all but the great white canary. When I opened the gate, it got scared and sought shelter against the bars at the bottom of the cage. My grandfather noticed my confusion and explained: "All the other canaries used to be free once, and were caught. When you offered them their freedom back, they took it without hesitation. This one didn't. It was born in a cage, and therefore its deepest fear is freedom".

Being human is a great Love story, and just as every good Love story, it includes great pain. This book describes the various stages in our human journey, because the only true thing we will take with us on our dying day is the degree of Love with which the "I" treated itself and others.

In this case, order is most important, because once I'm aware of the fact that the main course in life is my relation to myself, the rest of my relations become a wonderful dessert.

Alejandro Corchs

March 2016